The New 10% Recycled Pacesetter Coated Text & Cover

10% PCW Label

Spicers Paper’s Pacesetter Coated Text & Cover is now 10% recycled post-consumer waste (PCW), delivering on the brand’s well-known workhorse quality and its ongoing commitment to the environment.

The new 10% PCW Pacesetter Coated Text & Cover remains the same quality sheet printers have always depended on:

  • The sheet’s blue-white shade/91 brightness will continue to intensify color and improve the contrast range of printed and unprinted areas
  • 10% PCW Coated Pacesetter is available in two finishes: gloss (fine detail, brilliant color) and silk (rich, tactile, glare-free)
  • Less show through with excellent opacity, and a superior gloss that always results in better color and ink gloss retention
  • High bulk and double coated surface adds body to the sheet and improves image reproduction
  • Pacesetter Coated Text & Cover is fully compatible with Pacesetter Coated Digital

The new 10% PCW Pacesetter Coated Text & Cover is FSC certified and available from 60 lb. text to 130 lb. cover with postal caliper guarantees, and heavier cover weights.

Download our product brochure below to learn more.

Pacesetter Coated 10PCW SellSheet