Verso Digital Coated Launch

Verso Digital Trio Now Available: Sterling, Futura & Blazer

Beginning October 1st, 2020, Spicers Paper is expanding its digital coated offering to include three of the industry’s most popular HP Indigo and Dry Toner equipment guaranteed options from Verso Corporation: Futura®, Blazer Digital®, and Sterling® Premium Digital™.

Digital printing continues to be one of the industry’s fastest growing segments, and Futura, Blazer Digital, and Sterling Premium Digital bring you more coated options to meet that demand. Each product line comes in a range of sheet sizes to help reduce waste, reduce cost, and increase production.

Additionally, all three Verso Digital products are FSC, SFI, and PEFC certified so you have the confidence knowing you support sustainable and environmentally responsible forest management. Spicers Paper has invested in ample inventory in our Southern California, Northern California and Arizona distribution centers, so you have access to exactly what you want, when you need it.

For more details, you can download the Futura, Sterling Premium Digital, and Blazer Digital Sell Sheets by clicking the respective links.


  • Superior toner adhesion and jam-free runnability for high-end results that rival offset printing
  • Gloss and Dull Finishes
  • 96 Brightness
  • 80 lb. text through 120 lb. cover

Sterling Premium Digital

  • Budget-friendly premium with steadfast consistency and reliability
  • Gloss and Silk Finishes
  • 96 Brightness
  • 80 lb. text through 120 lb. cover

Blazer Digital

  • Economical with good performance on laser, production color and offset technologies
  • Gloss and Satin Finishes
  • 92 Brightness
  • 80 lb. text through 110 lb. cover