Introducing our 2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients!

With the start of the school year upon us, we are excited to announce that the Central National Gottesman Foundation has awarded 2020-2021 scholarships to six outstanding students pursuing their studies at institutions of higher education. These scholarships support an important belief of our parent company, Central National Gottesman (CNG): that success is rooted in the power of education. All six of the scholarship recipients are bright sons and daughters of individuals from the Kelly Paper and Spicers Paper workforce. Help us celebrate these high achieving individuals by getting to know them a little better!

Pictured is Amy Whittaker and her father, Jon Whittaker. Jon is the Chief of Information Technology for Kelly Paper and Spicers Paper out of Santa Fe Springs, California.

Amy Whittaker was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and attended Fullerton High School in Fullerton, CA. She is inspired by human behavior and the inner workings of the brain and plans to study Pre-Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara this fall. The CNG Scholarship allows Amy to attend university and focus on academic challenges rather than financial burdens. Her dream job is to become a Neurologist or a Neurosurgeon. Amy loves the outdoors, and can be found snowboarding, surfing, hiking, and travelling when she is not studying. Congratulations Amy!

Pictured is Dylan Lomas and his mother, Rhonda Lomas. Rhonda is the Financial Controller for Kelly Paper and Spicers Paper out of Santa Fe Springs, California.

Dylan Lomas is from Whittier, California and is attending San Diego State University to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Math and physics classes were some of his favorites during high school and he has always been fascinated by mechanical processes. Dylan’s dream profession is to be an Automotive Engineer. When Dylan is not studying, he can be found taking a drive in his car, going for a hike, or hanging out with friends. Congratulations, Dylan! We wish you the best in your studies this year.

Pictured is Jewel Jurisprudencia and her father, Jeffrey Jurisprudencia. Jeffrey is the Branch Manager of Kelly Paper San Jose, California.

Jewel Jurisprudencia is from Fremont, California and is attending the University of San Francisco this fall. As the middle child with two siblings, she channels her energetic and lively demeanor for helping others and learning something new every day. At USF, Jewel will be pursuing a degree in Life Sciences after being inspired by a biomedical science course in high school. The hands-on and interactive applications in STEM drew her to science in an unexpected way after being fairly set on pursuing business management. The CNG Foundation Scholarship not only makes Jewel’s first year of college more affordable, but also paves the way for her to be successful in her pursuit of higher education. Jewel’s dream job is to become a Dermatologist. She grew to appreciate the doctors that helped her get healthy skin, and she would love to do the same for others in the future. When she is not studying, you can find Jewel singing at church, playing the piano or ukulele, dancing, spending quality time with friends and family, and serving others at community events. Congratulations, Jewel! Well deserved.

Pictured is Julia Bridges with her parents. Her mother, Mona Bridges, is a Buyer of Core Products in the Purchasing Department for Kelly Paper and Spicers Paper out of Santa Fe Springs, California.

Julia Bridges is from La Mirada, CA and is a student athlete attending Chapman University to pursue a degree in Mathematics. Growing up, Julia has loved math and the satisfaction of solving time-consuming, complex problems. She is incredibly grateful for the CNG Foundation Scholarship because it has not only allowed her to pursue higher education but attend her dream school. Julia is using her time at Chapman to explore her passions and find a career path that fits her best. As a student athlete, Julia invests most of her time into studying and sports, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Congratulations, Julia! We wish the best for you this academic year.

Pictured is Raul Rodriguez (junior) with father, Raul Rodriguez (senior). Raul Rodriguez (senior) is a Store Associate at Kelly Paper Salt Lake City, Utah.

Raul Rodriguez is from Salt Lake City, Utah and is a freshman at University of Utah pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. Raul graduated this year from West High School, the oldest high school in the state. Raul’s dream job is to be a Chemical Engineer and combines his two academic interests of chemistry and engineering. When Raul is not at school or studying, you can find him building robots, learning something new, or playing video games with friends. Congratulations, Raul!

Pictured is Steven Sanborn with mother, Kate Sanborn. Kate is an Administrative Assistant for Kelly Paper and Spicers Paper out of Santa Fe Springs, California.

Steven Sanborn is a freshman at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) pursuing a degree in Economics from Fullerton, CA. He is beyond grateful to have been chosen as a CNG Foundation Scholarship recipient, especially during the financially tumultuous times caused by the coronavirus. Steven is using his time at UCSB to define his dream job that combines his passions and fulfills and challenges him every day. When Steven is not at school or studying, you can find him spending time with friends, going to the gym or beach, hiking, skateboarding, or trying his hand at investing. Go Steven! The scholarship is well deserved.