A picture of three yard signs on a green lawn

10 Reasons Yard Signs are Effective for your Business and Home

Yard signs have a secret power: bold and highly visible message communication. You can advertise your business, sell a house, advocate for a political candidate, celebrate a grad, or wish your neighbors happy holidays from your home or business without being physically present. In addition, the technological advances in the wide format space allow the consumer to choose responsibly-sourced products that can weather any storm. The possibilities are endless.

Without further ado, here are ten reasons why yard signs are effective for your business or home.

  1. Yard signs are durable.
  2. Yard signs offer endless marketing opportunity in an unsaturated, highly trafficked space. While our inboxes are flooded with emails, the opposite is occurring in the physical world. Street corners, business fronts, and yards are welcomed marketing real estate that communities pass by regularly.
  3. Yard signs are reasonably priced, putting the consumer at a low risk, high reward advantage.
  4. You don’t have to sacrifice health and safety to communicate a message to your community with yard signs.
  5. Yard signs allow users to play bigger roles in their neighborhoods and communities. A day can be made from a friendly message or idea from a yard sign.
  6. If you are looking for a way to influence opinions, yard signs are an effective way to keep with brand guidelines and communicate your message.
  7. Boost sales and specials by using strategic yard sign placement in front of your business. The return on investment and foot traffic are well worth the cost.
  8. Communicate important safety information using yard signs to keep your customers informed and safe.
  9. Yard signs help celebrate recent graduates in our families and friend groups. Well wishes and congratulations don’t need to stop while social distancing measures are in place.
  10. Yard signs can be paired with seasonal stationery to spread warmth and cheer through the holiday season.

To make life easier, we tracked down two of the best yard signs and stakes for printability and durability. Technology Container Corp’s smooth corrugated plastic sign board and metal stakes are lightweight, easy on wide format printer heads, and reasonably priced for businesses interested in buying in bulk. Plasticade‘s Realicade is a durable plastic stake for larger signage, with two separate locations for messaging. Realicade is tried-and-true in the real estate industry, and continues to expand into other business sectors with its easy installation and quick-change sign feature.

Realicade by Plasticade Signs

Realicade by Plasticade in black (Item 7000974) and white (Item 7000973).

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