treeSpicers Paper has long taken a leadership position in environmental sustainability, and has made it a priority to work with like-minded organizations, partners and suppliers.

  • We were the first US-based merchant to offer a 50% recycled (30% PCW) coated paper with FSC certification, which is still a part of our full line of environmentally sustainable options to commercial printers and packaging companies.
  • Spicers was a leader in implementing a globally recognized, comprehensive Sustainability Supply Chain Policy, which aims to ensure all our products are sourced from suppliers with a commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability.
  • High-efficiency, motion activated lighting in our distribution facilities have helped Spicers reduce electricity consumption in our warehouses, and our new transportation fleet is fully compliant with low-emission standards set by the State of California.
  • With one of the industry’s largest converting operations, Spicers supplies to printers a full line of custom-sized, press-ready sheets of coated papers and paperboards, which help to reduce trim and minimize waste. We also recycle more than 2,350 tons of sheeting waste each year for re-use in the fiber supply chain.